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Tooth Replacement & Dental Implants

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    For those who require replacement of missing teeth, dental implants and/or bridges offer means to return the dentition to a full complement of teeth.

    Missing teeth are more than an annoyance and cosmetically troubling, they allow adjacent teeth to shift and become misaligned within the dental arches. Missing teeth also creates a situation where the remaining teeth must manage and compensate for the forces that are generated during basic oral function. This increases the chances for further damage and promotes additional tooth loss.

    Titanium implants provide an optimal means to restore missing teeth. By using the synergistic interaction between titanium and bone, implants are able to promote the health of the very supporting structures in the previous missing area.

    Bridges on the other hand, use a combination of crowns that replaces missing teeth, while providing support to previously highly damaged adjacent teeth. They are a fantastic means to replace teeth for many patients.